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As a strategic corporate partner, Cable & Wireless perceives its role as extending beyond the provision of telecommunications services. This wider role of contributing to the overall development of Grenada translates into tangible support for educational, cultural and sporting activities. Recognising the role of education in the development of our young people, this programme was initiated.

It was noted that there were and still are many unfortunate children who, due to financial constraints, are unable to attain a secondary education. In 1991, the Company embarked on a venture whereby twelve (12) needy students were awarded five (5) year scholarships.

Each year twelve (12) new students are granted five (5) year scholarships while a further three (3) students are granted one (1) year scholarships. The recipients are from throughout the tri-island state.

Students are selected based on academic merit and financial need, by a committee comprising the Ministry of Education and Cable & Wireless.

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