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Cable & Wireless BroadBand

Sign up for Cable & Wireless BroadBand service and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Always-on high speed Internet Access up to 30 times faster than a 56k modem
  • Downloading and uploading large data files in lightning fast speeds
  • Revving up search engines and database enquiries
  • Rapid file transfers between locations
  • Sending and receiving extremely large e-mails

All you need to get connected is:

  • A PC with a network interface card installed for the Ethernet modem, a USB port for the USB modem or a spare PCI slot in your PC for the PCI modem. See the system requirements under 'modems'.
  • An ADSL modem (available from Cable & Wireless with USB, PCI and Ethernet interfaces)
  • An ADSL Filter Pack or Splitter (available from Cable & Wireless)
  • A Cable & Wireless telephone line

Visit us today and get connected!


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