Residential Packages

At Cable & Wireless we've priced our Broadband service just to meet your needs.  And now we've increased the  minimum download Speed to 1 Mbps! 

Plan Details Price Download Upload

Email Quantity

Mailbox Size

Mega $79 up to 1 Mbps up to 256 Kbps 2 30MB
Mega Plus $149 up to 2 Mbps up to 512 Kbps 3 30MB
Mega Max $249 up to 3Mbps up to 768 Kbps 4 30MB

Please note that there is a Setup charge of EC$150.00 which includes an ADSL modem.


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For more information kindly contact our Internet Help Desk at 1 800 744 0001 or visit any of our Sales offices. We can also be contacted via e-mail



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