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 Setup Guides - SpeedTouch USB (330)

Each Speed Touch USB Package should include the following:

  • Speed Touch USB Modem
  • Telephone Cable

USB Software Installation

  • Insert USB Installation CD-ROM into PC's CD-ROM Drive
  • If not automatically started, open a Run Window and enter 'd:\setup.exe, replacing d: with your CD-ROM drive letter
  • The 'Welcome to Alcatel SpeeedTouch USB Setup' screen appears
    Click on 'Cancel'
  • Open 'My Computer'
  • Right-Click on the CD Icon as indicated below and select 'Open' from the pop-up menu
  • Copy the 'Setup' folder to PC's hard drive
  • Open 'Phonebook' folder
  • Right-Click 'Phonebook' and select properties from the pop-up menu
  • Remove the check from the 'Read-only' option
  • Click on OK
  • Open Phonebook.txt file
  • Modify the entries as follows:
  • Close file
  • Save Changes
  • Run set-up by double-clicking 'setup.exe' file from your hard drive
  • Click on Next
  • Read and accept agreement
  • Complete Installation by clicking on 'Finish'
  • For Windows 98/98SE/ME, you will be prompted to restart
    Windows 2000 users, restart is not necessary


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