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 Setup Guides - Starbridge Pyxis P-210

Installation Proccess

  • Power up the modem with the required supply (DC in Port #1)

  • Connect ADSL telephone line to Modem (Grey Port #2)

  • Connect Ethernet Cable to modem (yellow port # 3)

  • Connect Ethernet cable to your computer

  • Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). In the address field type the following: and press Enter

  • A login box appears. Type admin as the username and leave the password blank. Press Enter

  • Enter the Username and Password provided by Cable & Wireless in the selected field
    Select the Protocol PPPoA LLC and change the VCI to 33
    Click Connect

  • If DSL light continues to blink, click on To Admin Mode at the bottom left side of your screen

  • Click on ADSL and Select T1.413 under the Handshake Protocol dropdown arrow

  • Click on APPLY then Save Settings

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