Easy Access is a hassle-free Internet sevice that enables anyone to access the Internet by dialing 1 900 4 THE NET (1900 - 484 - 3638). The cost of the Easy Access service is 30¢ per minute, and is billed to the telephone number used to make the call.

Please note that in order to use this service an Internet Access Device must be utilised. This may be a Personal Computer, Laptop, Palmtop etc.

Setup Instructions:

Plug your Modem into a phone jack or Analog Terminal Adapter if provided and follow the instructions below to setup your Dial up connection.

For Windows 95 or 98

  1. Go to: My Computer
  2. Double click: Dial-Up Networking
  3. Double click: Make New Connection
  4. Type: Easy Access
  5. Click: Next
  6. Type telephone number: 19004843638
  7. Click: Finish
  8. Double Click: Easy Access icon on your desktop
  9. Enter username: easy
  10. Enter Password: access
  11. Click: Connect
  12. Start your browser or Email

If you need to dial an outside line access number such as 9, add it to the telephone number in 6 above. E.g. 9 19004843638

For Windows 2000

  1. Go to: My Computer
  2. Open: Control Panel, Double click: Network & Dialup Settings and continue from "3" above



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