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Welcome to our Customer Support Section.  This section was created to enhance the Internet & Data Support we provide to our customers and to provide a solution to some of your Internet queries.

We've included some basic steps to aid you in configuring your Internet Connections and E-mail clients.

If there is any additional information you will like added to this section kindly notify us.

Online Services Configuring e-mail Clients
      Image: Human Resources Modifying Email Settings
Change e-mail Password Image: Human Resources Eudora
Change Login Password Image: Human Resources MS Outlook 97
Check Mail Image: Human Resources MS Outlook 98
Check Online Time Image: Human Resources MS Outlook 2000
    Image: Human Resources MS Outlook 2002
    Image: Human Resources Netscape 6
    Image: Human Resources Outlook Express 6
Configuring Operating Systems    
Image: Human Resources Windows 98    
Image: Human Resources Windows XP    
ADSL Drivers
SpeedTouch PCI- Win 98 SpeedTouch USB/PC-ALL
SpeedTouch PCI-Win NT SpeedTouch 330 MAC
SpeedTouch PCI-Win ME SpeedTouch 500 Series-ALL
SpeedTouch PCI-Win 2000 GreatSpeed U210G-Neo-ALL
SpeedTouch PCI-Win XP    

ADSL Modem Set up Guides
SpeedTouch 330/USB SpeedTouch PCI
SpeedTouch 500 Series GreatSpeed U210G-Neo
Starbridge PYXIS P-210      


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