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   Configuring Windows 98


  • Open the My Computer Icon on the desktop
  • Open Dialup Networking
  • Double click on Make a New Connection
  • Type in Spiceisle as the name of the connection
  • Click on Next
  • Type in 4406406 as the telephone number
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Finish
  • Using the right mouse button click on Spiceisle
  • Select properties using the left mouse button
  • Remove the check from the box which says "use area code etc."
  • Click on the tab Server Types
  • Remove checks from all boxes except: Enable software compression, and TCP/IP
  • Click on the TC/IP Settings Button
  • Select the option "Specify name server addresses"
  • Enter the following numbers in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS boxes respectively: AND
  • Ensure that the two check boxes at the bottom are checked
  • Click on OK all the way out.
  • Double click on Spiceisle Enter your Account Name, e.g johndoe in the username box
  • Enter the password provided on the sheet, in the password box
  • Ensure your phone line is properly connected to the computer, and click on connect.
  • Once connected open Internet Explorer to browse or Outlook Express to check mails.

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